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ATMALOGY'S SPACE INCLUDES free OPEN SEATING AREAS as well as private rooms, and the cafe is here for both!

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Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner catering options available for our room rentals

-Break Your Fast-

Housemade Soaked Oatmeal 
Whole grain oats & chia seed cold-soaked in almond milk with either blueberries or mixed fruit. A creamy-cool treat any time of year. 
Two delicious flavors:
Blueberry | Cherry, Blueberry, & Cranberry 

Sunrise Bliss Wrap 
Your choice of banana or apple paired with house-made organic almond butter, organic honey, house-made granola & cacao nibs on a hot pressed wrap. 

Yogi Yogurt Bowl 
Greek honey yogurt, house-made granola (made with hemp hearts & coconut oil!), fresh fruit & shredded coconut drizzled with local honey. 

Dreamy Avocado Toast
Creamy avocado spread topped served open-face on organic sunflower bread & lightly toasted to perfection with choice of: 
Vegetarian – crumbled lamb’s milk feta & organic honey
Vegan – sunflower seeds & lemon-infused olive oil 
*Try adding strawberries! 

The Eggwich
Organic egg, lamb's milk feta, roasted red peppers, baby spinach & house-made avocado spread on toasted multigrain sunflower bread.

-anytime treats-

Home made ATMABALLS (raw treats)! 

Lucy's Kitchen organic/GF muffins 
and Brownies

Kind Cakes Cupcakes (GF, Vegan, Nut-free)

Wild Muffin GF & Vegan Muffins

-Cafe creations-

*Comes with choice of a daily created side, a bag of chips, or an apple

JR’s Grilled Cheese 
Medium cheddar and goat cheese with fresh sliced tomato hot pressed on organic whole grain bread. 

Night Rider 
Oven roasted turkey paired with organic baby spinach and our own crunchy carrot spread which features a delicious blend of cinnamon, carrots, coconut oil, dates, pecans, ginger and vanilla. All on a hot pressed whole wheat wrap. 

Hummus & Turkey Sandwich 
Oven Roasted Turkey and our house-made roasted red pepper hummus topped with sprouts & tomato. Served hot-pressed on organic whole grain bread. 

Tuna Melt Madness 
Medium cheddar melted into our house tuna salad topped with fresh sliced tomato and sprouts and hot-pressed on organic whole grain bread.

Veggie Press
Choice of avocado spread OR hummus with organic baby spinach, tomato, sprouts and cucumber, hot-pressed on organic whole grian bread.

Wild Horse
Oven-roasted turkey, cheddar, goat cheese, sliced avocado & tomato toasted on organic whole grain bread.

-soups & salads-

Kale & Quinoa Salad - gf & v 
Leafy kale tossed with organic red quinoa, apple cider vinegar, and organic olive oil & topped with dried cranberries & honey roasted almond silvers.

Sunny Salad - gf 
Tender organic baby spinach tossed with goat cheese, strawberries, honey roasted almond slivers, and homemade lemon zest vinaigrette. 

Pair Up 
Pick 2: Soup of the Day, Sunny Salad (kale salad +$1), 1/2 Sandwich  

Hummus Plate w/Veggies- v 
Housemade roasted red pepper hummus (organic chickpeas) paired with fresh veggies and toasted whole wheat tortilla points.


-Atmalogy Menu-

Click the below to see our full menu!

Break Your Fast

Check for our Housemade Summer Oatmeal, Sunrise Bliss Wrap, and more!

Café Creations

Try JR’s Grilled Cheese, Night Rider, Tuna Melt Sandwich and more!

Anytime Treats

Our Atma Balls and Kind Caked Baked Goods are always great treats!


service days




HAppy clients



-drinks & more-

-Coffee & Latte-

Locally Roasted Drip Coffee 



Au Lait
 – 1/2 coffee, 1/2 steamed milk

House-made Chai – Vegan - made with a blend of almond & coconut milk


house-made syrups 

Atma - House special!
Cinnamon, cardamom & local honey

Mocha – organic raw cacao powder, raw sugar & vanilla

Salted Caramel - raw sugar, coconut cream & Himalayan sea salt

Vanilla - vanilla & raw sugar

Check in-store for special & seasonal syrups
We use JD Country Grass-fed Milk!

Non-Dairy (+$0.50): Almond & Coconut

sm – hot 12 oz, cold 16 oz
lg – hot 16 oz, cold 20 oz

-House Specials-

The AM – Espresso, raw sugar & organic zest

AM Latte 

Golden Milk – Tumeric, local honey and steamed milk

Mayan Cacao  – Mocha syrup & steamed milk dusted with cinnamon & cayenne

-iced selections-

Cold Brew Coffee 

Iced Americano 

Iced Latte 

Iced Chai 

Iced Lemon Mint
 – Lemon, lavender syrup & fresh mint leaves blended with ice

-fresh juice-

Brighten Up - organic spinach, kale, carrots, cucumber, apple, lemon


Happy Monkey - Housemade almond butter, almond milk, banana & chocolate protein powder or cacao powder
Green Hug - Organic baby spinach, kiwi, pineapple, mint and coconut water
Namaste - Strawberry, pineapple, kiwi & coconut milk
Acai Bowl  - Acai blended with banana & blueberries topped with bananas, house-made granola & coconut

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-what the say about us -

"Friends  recommended Ferranos's Restaurant, so we drove down one evening for dinner. We can't say enough good things about our experience. The food was delicious, and the price was outstanding. Now we recommend the restaurant to our friends and family.

"Dave and Shelly”

"We've been to Joey's many times over the years. We know what
to expect: great food and great prices. I suggest checking them out.

"Joe V.”

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-the Secret of spices -

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atmalogy: [aht-mah-luh-jee] the study of one's true self

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