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June 21-30, 2019

“We travel not to escape life,
but for life not to escape us.”


Has it always been your dream to travel?

Have you always thought how cool it would be to go to a place as scenic and timeless as Greece?


Now’s your opportunity to have a transformative experience partaking in adventure travel that allows you to really see the culture, while learning invaluable photography skills from a professional photographer so you can document your trip of a lifetime and share these memories with people back home.Explore a new culture while learning how to photograph it! This trip is meant for those who want an adventurous, authentic time traveling through a country while learning how to photograph the amazing things that they see. 

MESSAGE FROM professional travel photographer TINA G:

Greece is my home country and I’m so excited to take you all here, to share my love for photography in this country that I love so much. You will get the best hands-on training & guidance on how to use your camera while exploring this fascinating culture. No matter what level of photography you’re at, you will learn how to best capture all the incredible things that we see. From amazing architecture, to the beauty of the islands, to the friendly faces of locals and the gorgeously delicious food, you will be able to practice photography tricks you learned that day by capturing what you see while enjoying the local sights.  We will meet each day & go over certain photography practices. Then, we go out & photograph keeping that day’s lesson in mind. I will be with you so if you have any questions, I’ll be nearby for you to ask! We will then meet again as a group later in the day & share our images with one another. Feedback from me & the group will enable you to learn what succeeded for you during the day. You will be able to recognize your strengths & focus on them, and recognize your weaknesses in order to make your photography stronger.


Some of the photography skills that you will acquire on this trip:· 

How to approach locals to photograph them.

How to create a sense of place with your images and tell a story.

Camera settings and how to be proficient using aperture and shutter speed.

How to interact and establish rapport with locals in order to get the best portraits.

Portrait lighting techniques.

How to best use a speedlite.

Shooting RAW and digital workflow for travel photography.

********Check out some of her beautiful work here********* 

NOTE: This program is geared for those with an SLR camera, but if you just have a point and shoot or even just your iphone, you can still get a LOT out of these classes. Though not all the information will be relevant to you, most of it will be useful for people with all types of cameras.


pricing & registration:

Shared Room - $2,450 USD*

Non-refundable deposit of $500* to reserve


Full balance will be due by April 30, 2019


9 nights accommodation (dbl/triple occupancy)

Internal travel (flights, ferries, taxis between the cities visited)

Daily photography classes, group sessions & one-on-one photo feedback

Admission to Acropolis


CITIES/ISLANDS we will visit:






Only 10 spots available! Reserve your spot today!

Fill out the retreat waiver below & pay the $500 non-refundable trip deposit to reserve your space!

Email heather@atmalogy.com with questions!

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